‘Climate Symphony’ is a live music and visual performance that creates an emotional journey through the most beautiful tragedy of human existence. This is the sound of a dying planet and our transient position in it. The situation has never been more critical. In 2016, we passed the point of no return. It is already too late.

Sound has a physiological and psychological effect on us – we instinctively feel calm when hearing birdsong and discomfort at the sound of nails on a blackboard. Sound is often taken for granted yet it developed to trigger deeply-held emotions.

Our 20 minute symphony invites us to feel the story of our dying planet through sound. Performed in a circular or domed site, the audience is immersed in sound drawn from climate data and field recordings, telling the story of our planet from 9000BC to the present day in four movements: reflection, optimism, instability and intensity. As we listen, moving images of our natural and unnatural world project 360 degrees inside the site, creating a juxtaposition and interplay with the music to reveal what we’re hearing: the temperature of land and sea, population booms, industry, energy, war, plastic and technology through to extreme weather and natural disaster.

At the climax of the piece, we fall into silence, This is now – the golden hour of climate change before irreversible events change the planet forever. The clock is ticking.


Leah Borromeo, Co-director and Producer

Katharine Round, Co-Director and Producer