CHANGE is a brand new co-production training course offered by the joint partnership of CPH:DOX, EAVE and IMS for teams with documentary projects in development from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

Applications for this edition are now closed.

In collaboration with EAVE and IMS, we offer a tailored programme to take place over three residential workshops with the aim to stimulate and qualify inter-regional co-production and to connect documentary projects to regional and international markets. Participants are tutored by regional and international experts.

The first two workshops consist of five full days of group work, plenaries and individual meetings; the third workshop takes place in the framework of CPH:DOX and consists of workshop days, pitching of the projects at CPH:FORUM as well as a debrief of the pitching and development of strategies for the teams and projects after the workshop.

Between the workshops, participants are working on project development with specific tasks and assignments.


W#1 – DEVELOPMENT  –  Kyiv October 2021
Digging deep into the core of what the teams want to tell, enforce the storytelling and focus on the ambition for each film in terms of impact, awareness and change.

W#2 – CO-PRODUCTION  –  Tbilisi January 2022
Expanding the participants’ knowledge of each other’s reality, production environment and financing structures. The pros and cons of co-production were used to strengthen each project, preparing them to meet the international market.

W#3 – ENCOUNTER – Copenhagen March 2022
The projects will be pitched at CPH:FORUM and encounter the international market, leading to the formulation of tailored strategies for each project.


Upcoming teams – director and producer – with a documentary project in development from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine can apply and we are committed to equal opportunity to all. We focus on projects set in these countries, projects that are open for co-production, and we welcome projects in the crossing field between documentary and journalism. The working language is English, and participants should be comfortable with reading, writing, and speaking English.

The documentary project in development shall:

  • Demonstrate to cover topics of public interest in a professional and ethical way.
  • Have an idea of how to reach intended audiences and be a call for action.
  • Seek to have an impact on the public debate leading to potential social, political, or cultural change.
  • Priority is given to productions focusing on issues of gender equality, marginalised groups and minorities, diversity, social change, current affairs, and human rights.

There is no participation fee as CHANGE provides tutoring, travel, lodging, and living. Participants will cover local transportation themselves.


Applications for this edition are closed.

A call for new applications will be released later in 2022. For reviewing this year’s requirements and downloading the application form please click here!


IMS, International Media Support, is promoting journalism and documentary film to strengthen the capacity of media to reduce conflict, strengthen democracy and facilitate dialogue. Our work is geared towards helping locally-based public interest media operating in armed conflicts, humanitarian crises and rapid political change, both positive and negative, to provide the public and “civic organizations” with public interest content they can trust and use. We work in more than 40 countries across four continents with a staff of about 150 people.

EAVE, European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs, is Europe’s leading training, development, and networking organisation for producers. In addition to our flagship programme, the renowned European Producers Workshop, we are involved in a variety of programmes in Europe, Asia, Latin America, Russia, Africa and the Middle East. Founded in 1988, EAVE’s objectives are to provide professional training opportunities and to bring producers from different regions of the world together with the aim of facilitating co-production relationships. EAVE’s unique international network comprises over 2,300 producers and key decision-makers.

CPH:DOX, Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival, is one of the biggest documentary film festivals in the world. A festival that continues to develop and expand, presenting a program that ranges from the works of major international directors to new talents, from large-scale theatrical releases to film/video works in the field between cinema and visual art.

The call for the 2021-2022 edition was organised in collaboration with the film festivals:

  • Docudays UA – Ukraine
  • Moldox – Moldova
  • CinéDOC-Tbilisi – Georgia
  • Golden Apricot – Armenia

In partnership with