Why do we submit to mob rule? We like to think of ourselves as rational, responsible individuals, in charge of our lives and destinies, but sometimes a cluster of beliefs and rumors overpower individuals and collective instincts take charge.

Captured puts you in a scenario where mob rule takes over. Your face is captured and given a virtual body. Your avatar becomes a member of virtual community together with other captured avatars. The relations in the community are fickle. Sometimes you are the bully. Sometimes you are the bystander. Sometimes you are the target. Social pressure is bounced back from the avatar community to the audience where people follow together their misbehaving doubles in the animation.

It is impossible to know how much of me belongs to others and is commanded by my social communities. Captured let´s you explore the unclear boundaries between collective and individual self, reflecting incidents of mob rule in contemporary information society. Captured takes shape as interactive installation with 3D face reconstruction technology, that generates avatars from people in realtime. The actions in the avatar community is controlled by AI, mixing narrative with simulation.


Hanna Haaslahti, Director

Tyler Henry, Technical Director