We live in an ocean of air. When air first filled your lungs, everything changed. Without air, birds would plummet from the sky, plants would wither and we humans would suffocate. As we breathe in and out, air mingles with our bodily tissues, filling the lungs and oxygenating the blood. Air knows no borders.

‘Breathe’ is a mixed-reality application that uses body movement, gesture and breath to immerse participants in the story of air. To experience your body not as confined to the outline of your skin but as more widely entangled and as a full participant of a living world. Participants will experience themselves as creatures not only terrestrial but of the air. A central challenge of our time is to re-imagine our relationship to the world we inhabit. Your breath is a doorway to the awareness that we are immersed in a field that belongs to and unites all the living biosphere. 

Breathe will recast your ordinary daily experience of breathing as your immediate direct link in a slow and complex living world. It harnesses the power of mix-reality to reconnect us to the world around us.


Diego Galafassi, Lead Artist

Lisa Holmqvist, Composer