The last day of the conference is dedicated to the field between the moving image and contemporary art, which continues to be one of the most vital and innovative in cinema today. Artists’ films move beyond the cinema itself. Through four talks we invite the artists and filmmakers themselves to speak of their experiences in the field, and to outline new currents and tendencies, as well as possible challenges in terms of financing, production, and distribution.

Date: Friday, March 23
Time: 10:00 – 17:00
Location: Social Cinema
Kunsthal Charlottenborg

 The day is curated by CPH:DOX and hosted by:

Ela Bittencourt
Critic & Programmer

Ela is a film critic and programmer based in São Paulo. Her articles on cinema and art appear in international publications, including Artforum, Art in America, Film Comment, Frieze Magazine, Hyperallergic and The Village Voice. She also serves on the selection committees of É Tudo Verdade International Documentary Film Festival and Festival Semana de Cinema in Brazil.



Introduction and an outline of the programme by today’s host Ela Bittencourt.


Artist Talk: Jumana Manna

Artist and filmmaker Jumana Manna’s research-based works take the shape of installations as well as feature-length films. Manna is present at CPH:DOX with her most recent film, ‘Wild Relatives’, a film that investigates delicate international relations through the story of an exchange between two seed banks in Lebanon and Svalbard.

Jumana Manna
Artist & Filmmaker


Artist Talk: Ben Russell & Narimane Mari

With a common interest in ethnography, post-colonialism and the psychedelic experience, Ben Russell and Narimane Mari engage in conversation about their recent works, both of which were installed at Documenta and are screening at CPH:DOX. A speculative free-form dialogue between two brilliant creative minds.

Ben Russell
Artist & Filmmaker

Narimane Mari
Artist & Filmmaker


Masterclass: Marcus Lindeen

Swedish artist Marcus Lindeen is present at CPH:DOX with the world premiere of ‘The Raft’, both as a film and an installation at Kunsthal Charlottenborg. Working both in theatre, film and other media, Lindeen elaborates on the artistic potential of reenactments and social experiments through his most ambitious work to date.

Marcus Lindeen
Artist & Filmmaker


Screening: The Seasteaders

A special screening of ‘The Seasteaders’ (Jacob Hurwitz-Goodman and Daniel Keller, 29 min), leading up to the final session. The film is a futuristic investigation into the entwined phenomena of climate change, 21st century capitalism, and utopian architecture.


Case Study: – Daniel Keller and Jacob Hurwitz-Goodmann in Conversation with Toke Lykkeberg

Artist Daniel Keller and Jacob Hurwitz-Goodmann in conversation with curator Toke Lykkeberg about the New York-based art group DIS and the new online video platform on which Keller and Hurwitz-Goodmann’s film ‘The Seasteaders’ was recently featured. With the platform as a case, the conversation touches on the new possibilities of exhibiting artists’ moving image works.

Daniel Keller
Artist & Filmmaker

Jacob Hurwitz-Goodmann

Toke Lykkeberg (moderator)
Curator, writer
Director of Tranen

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