Anguilla Anguilla is an interactive online documentary using the four extraordinary metamorphoses of the European Eel as a lens through which to examine contemporary environmental crises, and to imagine ways that, eel-like, we might undergo our own rapid transformations in order to pull ourselves back from the brink of catastrophe.

Eels hold an important place in the history and folklore of many European peoples, however they are often overlooked as slimy, creepy mud-dwelling creatures. It is therefore a worthy challenge to clearly communicate the fascinating story of this animal and to highlight their rich symbolic potential. In doing so we seek to help the audience to understand their beauty and draw analogies between their existential transformations and those we ourselves must make if we are to weather oncoming storms.

The film will present the eels’ journey, focusing on their four fascinating and mysterious biological adaptations. At each juncture we’ll flip perspectives, highlighting the ways our worlds and lives intersect and asking what we might learn from them. Illuminating these extraordinary processes of transformation allows us to reflect on the need for commensurate societal, spiritual and environmental transformations that are necessary in order to avert some of the worst outcomes of the very catastrophes that endanger the eel, other at-risk species and, indeed, ourselves.


Joey Bania, Director & Director of Photography

Lion Bischof, Co-Director