Accreditations are available to industry professionals of relevant backgrounds and offered in different categories both on-site and online for CPH:DOX 2023 taking place March 15-26. We will open for registration in late autumn, 2022.

For the 2023 edition, CPH:DOX will offer on-site as well as online participation. Our on-site accreditations will automatically give you access to our online offers. All accreditations must be approved and paid before being activated. All fees are inclusive of VAT 25%.

To film professionals from countries on the DAC list, we offer a 20% discount on the FORUM and INDUSTRY accreditation. Simply request the discount in the “request note” when applying for the accreditation. Please note that the discount will only be deducted once your accreditation has been reviewed and approved by our staff. If eligible for the discount, you will receive an email to proceed with the payment with the reduced price.

To find your relevant accreditation offer, see below:

FORUM is restricted to professionals working in the film industry who wish to actively attend our financing and co-production event CPH:FORUM.
Read more about Forum accreditation

INDUSTRY is restricted to professionals actively working in the film industry.
Read More about Industry accreditation

ACADEMY is restricted to students at higher educational institutions such as universities, film schools and art academies.
Read more about Academy accreditation

PRESS is restricted to critics and journalists who wish to cover the festival.
Read more about Press accreditation



Apply for an accreditation via our Visitor Page
Contact us at *****

To organise a delegation to CPH:INDUSTRY 2023, please contact *****

Refunds for cancellations of an existing accreditation are only possible before March 1, 2023.
If you need to cancel your accreditation please contact us as soon as possible by mail ***** and please note that we have a no refund policy for all accreditations after March 1, 2023.

Late registration
A late registration fee of 250 DKK will apply to all accreditations submitted later than March 1, 2023.