9 Immersive CPH:LAB projects and the future of the Metaverse under the spotlight at CPH:DOX’ INTER:ACTIVE Symposium 2023

Who will own the Metaverse? Who will be represented? And how do we ensure that it’s  shaped for all of us? In an attempt to explore the possible answers, the speakers at  CPH:DOX’s INTER:ACTIVE Symposium, together with its selection of nine LAB projects,  will examine the creative landscape into which they are emerging. 

Meet the LAB cohorts, the artists behind the INTER:ACTIVE Exhibition, futurists, creative  technologists and curators who will collectively discuss the rise of the game engine, how to  create an open Metaverse for artists to thrive in, and confront social bias about AI. 

Take part in this year’s INTER:ACTIVE Symposium 
The 2023 edition of INTER:ACTIVE Symposium will feature discussions about the future of  the Metaverse and its effects on businesses, society and our lives at large. 

We are delighted to welcome Sofie Hvitved, the Danish Futurist and Head of Media at the  Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies as the keynote speaker, followed by artists  Lauren Moffat, Jakob Kudsk Steensen and Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley, who will take us  deeper into the convergence of the physical and digital worlds, the rise of the game  engine, what digital work gets funded and exhibited, and what ends up suppressed. Eva  Jäger, Curator of Arts Technologies at Serpentine Galleries, will consider how we can build  future art ecosystems, while Calum Bowden explores how blockchain and Web 3.0 can be  applied to the creative ecology. Finally, Jake Elwes will guide us through queering the  dataset, in order to confront social bias in AI. 

INTER:ACTIVE Symposium is curated and hosted by Mark Atkin, the Head of Studies of  CPH:LAB and curator of CPH:DOX’s INTER:ACTIVE Exhibition.The event will be available  to all accredited guests and ticket holders and will take place on March 20, 2023 15:00 –  18:00 at CPH:DOX’ Social Cinema at Kunsthal Charlottenborg 

Read more about the Symposium programme here. 

Discover the 9 CPH:LAB projects and their prototypes
After completing a seven-month training program, the 28 CPH:LAB participants will take  the stage with their 9 new projects in development, created via immersive technologies  such as VR, AR, video and audio installations as well as cross-media. 

Some of the minds behind the projects are acclaimed documentary filmmakers such as  Baff Akoto, winner of the Grand Prix of 13th Rencontres de Bamako Biennial (‘Collateral  Echoes’), Lea Glob, winner of the IDFA Award for Best Film 2022 (‘’Diplomatic Rebel’) and  Emmy Award winner Francesca Panetta (‘Unstable Evidence’). Others resemble new  perspectives by emerging talents – e.g. ‘Ghost Genes’ by Sister Sylvester and ‘BABEL’  from the team. 

The CPH:LAB projects will be presented at the INTER:ACTIVE Symposium on March 20,  2023, followed-up by a pop-up exhibition of their prototypes at Odd Fellow Palace  accessible to accredited guests and ticket holders. 

CPH:LAB is co-funded by the European Union, Creative Europe MEDIA. Read more about  the selected projects here.