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Dirty Wars

Richard Rowley, 87 min
This is an archived screening, from CPH:DOX 2013.
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This is an archived screening, from CPH:DOX 2013.

Dirty Wars

As far as America's war on terror is concerned, we can only be sure of one thing: that we know even less than we think. The best-selling journalist Jeremy Schahill has spent years tracking down the secretive elite force J.S.O.C. (Joint Special Operations Command), which was established in the 1980s and enjoys almost unlimited powers in its shady operations that are carried out by men who officially do not exist. Schahill's lonely and harsh mission starts in the Middle East, but as he delves deeper into J.S.O.C.'s activities, war efforts and murders are connected and charted all over the world. And he knows that he is on the right track when he himself starts being monitored, hacked and threatened. 'Dirty Wars' is a hardcore documentary thriller about one man's search for the truth. A piece of investigative and in-depth journalism that paints a picture of an endless and self-perpetuating war, which is kept secret from the public. One thing is sure: the fight against terrorism has changed the rules of war for good.

Big Noise
Civic Bakery
Original Title
Dirty Wars
Richard Rowley
87 Minutes
Anthony Arnove
Brenda Coughlin
Jeremy Scahill
English Version
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