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Yallah! Underground

Yallah! Underground

Farid Eslam, 85 min.

Tjekkiet, Germany, UK, Egypten, Canada, USA, 2015

Yallah! Underground

The new generation of young, Middle Eastern artists are fighting for the right to express themselves freely in an urban and style-conscious film about the subcultural blossoming after the Arab Spring.

In the wake of the Arab Spring, a whole new generation of young artists made their breakthrough. Driven by a common desire for a free and peaceful future – and by the prospect of finally being able to express themselves freely. Rappers, graffiti artists, poets and filmmakers took part in the protests and the rush of freedom. Four years after the first popular uprising, the young artists are still facing a long and tough struggle. But this has not discouraged them - on the contrary. Farid Eslam's 'Yallah! Underground' is an urban and style-conscious visit to the subcultural underground in a modern Middle East undergoing tremendous change. The need for social and political change can no longer be suppressed, now that the lid has first been lifted off the smouldering pot. And if you are yearning to hear some good news and cultural signs of life from a region that is often portrayed in uniquely pessimistic terms, Eslam's confident and fresh film is just the thing.

Director: Farid Eslam
Original Title: Yallah! Underground
Country: Tjekkiet, Germany, UK, Egypten, Canada, USA
Year: 2015
Running time: 85 min
Tags: Top Dox Politics
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Camera: Prokop Soucek
Producer: Farid Eslam
Editor: Jakub Vomacka
Production Company: Mind Riot Media
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