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Unseen: The Lives of Looking

Unseen: The Lives of Looking

Dryden Goodwin, 90 min.


Unseen: The Lives of Looking

A visually and philosophically sophisticated, magnificent film about the relationship between vision and knowledge – from the interior of the eye to Mars, and on to drone attacks and surveillance.

The fine veins of the retina are interlaced with geological experiments in an endless desert, and with whistleblowing, drone attacks and government surveillance of British citizens. in contemporary artist Dryden Goodwin's visually and philosophically sophisticated film, where the diverse elements are strung together by his own delicate pencil drawings. Their common denominator? Eyesight, and its influence on our experience and understanding of the world around us. An immense and immersive film, but with a refined sense of detail that gives the big picture its weight and texture. Goodwin has directed, written, produced, filmed, edited, composed and drawn his impressive and incredibly confident debut, which moves in the same visionary altitudes as auteurs such as Peter Mettler and Patrick Keiller. But it comes from a new name, who is his own master, and of whom it is safe to have high expectations.

World Premiere
Director: Dryden Goodwin
Original Title: Unseen: The Lives of Looking
Year: 2015
Running time: 90 min
Language: English without subtitles
Tags: Dox:Award Dox:Award
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Script: Dryden Goodwin
Camera: Dryden Goodwin
Sound: Dryden Goodwin
Music: Dryden Goodwin
Casting: Professor Sir Peng Tee Khaw Professor Sanjeev Gupta Rosa Curling Fynn Cole-Goodwin Jeffrey Goodwin
Producer: Jo Cole & Sarah Caddy
Editor: Dryden Goodwin & Jo Cole
Production Company: Dryden Goodwin Projects in Co-Production with Red Bee Media
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