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Caspar Stracke, 85 min.

USA, Germany, 2015


Is it actually possible to have time go backwards? See for yourself with a film that Martin Heidegger and Gyro Gearloose could have made together.

The mystery of time has preoccupied the human being since eternity began. Everyone knows what time is, but only until you start to think about it – and then there is no way back! Or is there? Is it actually possible to make time go backwards? Amidst this scenario Underground filmmaker-cum-philosopher Manuel DeLanda ping-pongs a predication on the reversals of time, space and age with unstoppable Marxist philosopher Agnés Heller. Questions and answers are layered upon each other in the German director Caspar Stracke's maximalist (thought) experiment. Quantum experiments worthy of CERN, mirrored sound and the study of ultra-chilled atoms that can slow down light: scientists, philosophers, artists initiate us in current experiments in the art of turning time around in a film that could have been co-directed by Martin Heidegger, Aleister Crowley and Gyro Gearloose - which in practice tests the scientific theorist Karl Popper's thesis that the road to innovation is to come up with the most unlikely theories and then to disprove them all. If this does not succeed, you have a revolution. There is more than theory at stake: if it all succeeds, there is a potential prospect of eternal life. With the cinema as the ultimate time machine, Stracke presents his neo-psychedelic essay with both, mind-boggling and emotional accounts of contemporary witnesses.

World Premiere
Director: Caspar Stracke
Original Title: time / OUT OF JOINT
Country: USA, Germany
Year: 2015
Running time: 85 min
Language: English subtitles
Tags: Under the Asphalt, the Beach! Art
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Script: Caspar Stracke (supervisor: Katja Esson)
Camera: Caspar Stracke and Rubén Guzman
Animation: Caspar Stracke
Sound: Quentin Chiapetta
Music: Hahn Rowe, Tetsuo Inoue, Thomas Köner, a.o.
Casting: Narcisa Hirsch, Manuel DeLanda, Angés Heller, Dietrich Diederichsen, Edward Fredkin, Michael West, Sarah Rudner, Aubrey deGrey, Mikhail Lukin, John Cramer and Ladislav Galeta †
Producer: Caspar Stracke and Madeleine Dewald
Editor: Caspar Stracke
Production Company: Dock 43, Hamburg, Caspar Stracke Filmproduktion, and MOSTRA, New York
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