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The Yes Men Are Revolting

The Yes Men Are Revolting

Laura Nix, The Yes Men, 90 min.

USA, 2014

The Yes Men Are Revolting

Satirical activists in crisis and struggle: The Yes Men are back at the front in their war against spin, hypocrisy and greed.

For over 20 years, the satirical activist duo The Yes Men has turned the mainstream media and multinational corporate powers upside down with simple, but always razor-sharp and provocative means, by infiltrating the closed world of the political and financial elite. But after twenty years in action, the two masterminds are now going through their own crisis. Has their work had any impact at all? And how do you reconcile a family life and a future with an anarchistic career as a performance activist? But one thing can get the Yes Men to reunite for one last time: their shared sense of duty to fight against the smokescreen of greed and bureaucracy that tries to distract from global climate change. The Yes Men last visited CPH:DOX in 2013 with their own curated film programme, and they can also be experienced live at this year's festival. Their ironic critique of capitalist consumer society continues to unfold on the same foundation: their confidence in people's ability to think for themselves.

Director: Laura Nix, The Yes Men
Original Title: The Yes Men Are Revolting
Country: USA
Year: 2014
Running time: 90 min
Tags: Top Dox Politics
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Script: Laura Nix, The Yes Men
Camera: Raul Barcelona, Martin Boudot, Christopher Clements, Brandon Jourdan, Laura Nix, Sam Spreckley, Keil Troisi
Sound: Mikkel Groos, Lea Korsgaard, Roar Skau Olsen
Music: Didier Leplae, Joe Wong
Producer: Laura Nix, Jacques Servin, Igor Vamos
Editor: Geraud Brisson, Claire L. Chandler, Søren B. Ebbe
Production Company: Human Race LLC, Felt Films, Gebrüder Beetz Filmproduktion, chili farms, Pieter Van Huystee Film, ZDF, VPRO, YLE, DR In association with ARTE, Motto Pictures, Senorita Films
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