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The Propaganda Game

The Propaganda Game

Alvaro Longoria, 90 min.

Spain, 2015

The Propaganda Game

North Korea behind the Iron Curtain in an entertaining and fascinatingly serious film about the propaganda war between East and West.

North Korea is the last communist bastion in the world, and the notoriously closed country is an endless source of fascination, wonder and even disgust. For some, the country is simply a joke, with the always well-combed Kim Jong-Un as its standard bearer and father figure, while for others it is a deadly serious human rights disaster. The Spanish director Alva Longoria gives us a new and deeply fascinating look at the country, as he has been given an unprecedented permission to film in the sanitised and beautiful city of Pyongyang, where the only foreigner working for the regime is a Spaniard. Longoria meets him as well as ordinary North Koreans in their homes, on the streets and in the alleyways, and confronts them with the Western perception of and rumours about their country. Can it really be true that they can only choose between a certain number of hairstyles? It does not take long before one's own prejudices about the country come crashing down with a bang. The country has both freedom of religion, paid apartments, food and free nursing. Or what? Is the Christian church genuine, or is it all a fake backdrop? 'The Propaganda Game' is a roller-coaster ride across confirmed and refuted prejudices, and across propaganda wars on both sides of the East Asian iron curtain.

Director: Alvaro Longoria
Original Title: The Propaganda Game
Country: Spain
Year: 2015
Running time: 90 min
Language: English subtitles
Tags: Top Dox Politics
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Script: Alvaro Longoria
Camera: Diego Dussuel, Rita Noriega
Music: Fernando Velázquez
Producer: Alvaro Longoria
Editor: Alex Márquez, Victoria Lammers
Production Company: Morena Films
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