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The Great Wall

The Great Wall

Tadhg O'Sullivan, 75 min.

Irland, 2015

The Great Wall

A Kafka short adapted as a frighteningly relevant status report from the militant insides of Fort Europe.

The most frightening thing about Kafka is how ever-relevant he is. And his short story about the construction of the Great Wall of China has never been more chillingly relevant than here, where it is adapted as a status report from a heavily militarised Fortress Europe. In a simple but brilliant manoeuvre, we simply hear the story being read aloud while a parade of maps, concrete walls, barbed wire and armed guards in the images chart the security culture that ensures the EU citizens a good night's sleep (and bad conscience). A simple ploy, a great effect. 'The Great Wall' is a film that gives remote concepts such as power and exclusion an understandable form, while mapping out the coordinates for a subtle counter-strategy against the totalitarian undertones in the European project as a disturbing parallel to the story by the Czech writer (and satirist). A visual essay, which in its epic format will change your understanding of one of our times' greatest crises.

International Premiere
Director: Tadhg O'Sullivan
Original Title: The Great Wall
Country: Irland
Year: 2015
Running time: 75 min
Language: English subtitles
Tags: Borderline Politics
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Script: Franz Kafka
Camera: Feargal Ward
Animation: NA
Sound: Tadhg O'Sullivan
Music: Akira Rabelais, Kreng, Philip Jeck
Casting: NA
Producer: Tadhg O'Sullivan
Editor: Tadhg O'Sullivan
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