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The Dream of Europe

The Dream of Europe

Liv Berit Helland Gilberg, Bodil Voldmo Sachse, Jens Blom, 74 min.

Norway, 2015

The Dream of Europe

At work with two Norwegian employees of Frontex – the company that guards the borders of the EU at a time when human and political considerations brutally collide.

Did you know that the responsibility to guard Europe's southern borders is in the hands of a single EU agency? Frontex is officially tasked with regulating and controlling the influx of refugees to the European continent. But with the massive influx of refugees, reality has become somewhat more harsh – but not more simple – on both sides of the EU's more and more militarised borders. Meet two Norwegian employees, who bear the moral and human responsibility every day in a complex film, which does not turn a blind eye to the human rights that are the first to suffer in every political crisis. But which also recognise the need to maintain control of the southern borders after the Schengen rules came into force, at a time when the political wings in Brussels are fighting a battle of words and are brutally at odds with each other. 'The Dream of Europe' gives a voice to some of the far too many desperate people who have fled from the world's most inflamed hotspots, with nothing else in their baggage than the dream of Europe. And a desperate ingenuity as to how a human body can be concealed and brought over the border, when everything is at stake.

International Premiere
Director: Liv Berit Helland Gilberg, Bodil Voldmo Sachse, Jens Blom
Original Title: Drømmen om Europa
Country: Norway
Year: 2015
Running time: 74 min
Language: English subtitles
Tags: Borderline Politics
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Script: Liv Berit Helland Gilberg
Camera: Liv Berit Helland Gilberg, Bodil Voldmo Sachse, Sara Creta
Sound: Helge Holmen
Music: Anette Askvik
Producer: Cathrine Wik
Editor: Jens Blom
Production Company: Norwegian Broadcasting
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