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The Dark Gene

The Dark Gene

Miriam Jakobs & Gerhard Schick, 99 min.


The Dark Gene

How are you really? Unexpected answers and new questions from geneticism's staggering micro-world, told in aesthetic high-tech animations.

Frank Schauber is both a doctor and a patient. As a patient, he has for years struggled with depression, which he as a doctor has tried to find an explanation for. A quest that has taken him deep into the field of genetics and the mapping of our DNA, which over the last decade has revolutionised the way we understand ourselves from the inside. But the thought-provoking and complex subject matter is given an understandable – and aesthetically fascinating – form in 'The Dark Gene', which visualises our genetic foundation with subtle computer animations with input from both scientists and artists. And something that maybe sounds abstract soon turns out to raise some of the most fundamental questions: how much do we know about ourselves? And how much do we even want to know? For knowledge equals power – the power to manipulate, control and alter, for better or for worse. Who are we really, deep inside? How much of us is determined by our genes? And is there a 'dark' gene? A thought-provoking and wise film from the micro-world of genetics.

International Premiere
Director: Miriam Jakobs & Gerhard Schick
Original Title: Das dunkle Gen
Year: 2015
Running time: 99 min
Language: English subtitles
Tags: Before and After Science Hits
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Script: Miriam Jakobs, Gerhard Schick
Camera: Philipp Künzli, Simon Guy Fässler
Sound: Christian Lutz, Patrick Veigel
Music: Daniela Almada
Producer: Thomas Tielsch
Editor: Miriam Jakobs, Gerhard Schick
Production Company: Filmtank GmbH
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