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Noma - My Perfect Storm

Noma - My Perfect Storm

Pierre Deschamps, 90 min.

UK, 2015

Noma - My Perfect Storm

The personal story of Ren¢ Redzepi, the brilliant mind behind the world's best restaurant.

The story of how René Redzepi went from being an outsider in the gourmet world to running one of the world's best restaurants is the story of hard work and coincidences. And having both the will, the courage and the resourcefulness to realise one's own dreams. The Danish-Albanian Redzepi originally had neither the ability nor the desire to be a master chef, a profession and a craft that is traditionally passed on from father to son. But with Noma, he has revolutionised fine cuisine and put Scandinavia on the world map. How it happened is a deeply personal story – about an old wooden beam, a trip to Greenland and a perfect blizzard. For as an old Norwegian sailor told him at exactly the right time, you can survive even the worst storm by relying on your inner instinct. And this is what Redzepi greatly needs, when Noma in 2013 is awarded as the second best restaurant in the world and has to fight back to the top of the top.

Director: Pierre Deschamps
Original Title: Noma - My Perfect Storm
Country: UK
Year: 2015
Running time: 90 min
Language: English subtitles
Tags: Danish Dox Top Dox Hits
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Script: Pierre Deschamps
Camera: Pierre Deschamps
Sound: Brian Dyrby, Kristoffer Salting, Thomas Jæger
Music: Frans Bak and Keld Haaning Ibsen
Casting: René Redzepi Hanne Redzepi Ali Rami Redzepi Claus Meyer Ferran Adrià Tor Nørretranders Paul Cunnigham Søren Ledet Anders Selmer Philippe Houdet Matt Goulding Andrea Petrini Leonardo de Souza Roland Rittman Søren Wiuff Roderick Sloan Tage Rønne Mark Durden-Smith Daniel Giusti Rosio Sanchez Lars Williams Thomas Frebel The team at Noma
Producer: Etta Thompson Deschamps
Editor: Mike Brook
Production Company: Documentree Films Ltd.
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