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Børge Mogensen - Designs for life

Børge Mogensen - Designs for life

Casper Høyberg, co-instr. Thomas Mogensen & Malene Vilstrup, 58 min.

Denmark, 2015

Børge Mogensen - Designs for life

The story of the man behind the design classics is also a piece of contemporary history about a Denmark in transition – and about quality that lasts.

Børge Mogensen's furniture is not just furniture. It is furniture as an artform with refined and timeless details that have provided Mogensen with an international following of dedicated admirers and collectors. The story of the man behind the design classics is the story of both the designer, the craftsman and the private person – and about a country which in the decades following World War II saw an unprecedented economic recovery reflected in its culture and lifestyle. Times change, but Børge Mogensen remains as one of the names that has secured the reputation of Scandinavian aesthetics, and continues to inspire. His life story is told by his son, Thomas Mogensen, who brings us close to the stories that have never been told before, and which add new facets of Børge Mogensen's life through unique access to the entirety of his extensive archive of pictures, drawings and – not least – furniture.


Date Time Location

Thu. 05/11


Dagmar Teatret
Meet the director.


Mon. 09/11


Nordisk Film Falkoner


World Premiere
Director: Casper Høyberg, co-instr. Thomas Mogensen & Malene Vilstrup
Original Title: Møbler til tiden - en film om Børge Mogensen
Country: Denmark
Year: 2015
Running time: 58 min
Language: English subtitles
Tags: Danish Dox Drama!
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Script: Thomas Mogensen
Camera: Casper Høyberg
Animation: Malene Vilstrup
Sound: Claus Lynge
Music: Povl Kristian
Casting: Børge Mogensen Thomas Mogensen Peter Mogensen Karen Grøn Nicolai de Gier Thomas Graversen
Producer: Ulrik Gutkin
Editor: Boaz Heller og Jens Bidstrup
Production Company: Copenhagen Film Company Short & Doc.
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