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My Friend Rockefeller

My Friend Rockefeller

Steffi Kammerer, 87 min.

Germany, 2015

My Friend Rockefeller

A tragic comic and unsettling phantom portrait of a charming con artist with a thousand agents, an ice cold intellect- and perhaps a double homicide on his conscience.

Who is Christian Gerhartsreiter? That depends on whom you ask. Most – at least those living by the wealthy American East Coast! – will recognise the charming man by the name of Clark Rockefeller, a charismatic and cultivated gentleman from a renowned family. And here begins what the FBI has called the longest-lasting hoax in its entire history. An incredible and tragicomic story about a sharp impostor from a German village, who conned his way to the top of New York's banking elite and who for 13 years was married to a woman who had no idea who he really was, until he after their divorce abducted their child and was revealed to be a myriad of different personalities. Not unlike Andrew Jarecki's 'The Jinx', 'My Friend Rockefeller' is an identikit portrait of a man with a thousand faces, but with an ice-cold and calculating intellect. A story full of unexpected twists, told in a collage of interviews with all those who (thought they) knew him. But also an eerie tale about an unsolved double murder, which was committed several decades ago and which has now suddenly resurfaced.

Director: Steffi Kammerer
Original Title: My Friend Rockefeller
Country: Germany
Year: 2015
Running time: 87 min
Language: English without subtitles
Tags: Crime Wave Hits
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Producer: Martina Haubrich, Gunnar Dedio
Production Company: LOOKS Filmproduktionen
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