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Man Falling

Man Falling

Anne Regitze Wivel, 111 min.

Denmark, 2015

Man Falling

Per Kirkeby's struggle to return to art after an accident. An honest and personal portrait of a headstrong artist.

What happens when a world-famous artist suddenly loses his natural abilities? The director Anne Wivel has followed her friend, painter Per Kirkeby, up close after he fatally fell down a flight of stairs, gravely injuring his head. Kirkeby had previously recovered from a brain haemorrhage and two blood clots, but the fall resulted in a brain injury that still prevents him from working as before. He has not just lost his mobility, but also the ability to recognise colours and even his own art works. Anne Wivel is there both as a friend, an interlocutor and as a discretely observing filmmaker that follows a struggling Per Kirkeby while he is fighting for a comeback while constantly confronting his own lack of progress. There seems to be a long way to go. as art is not just a question of being able to paint and create beauty, but rather in transgressing good taste. It is this transgressive gesture that Kirkeby is missing and longing for. In addition to the artist, we also meet his wife, friends and collaborators, but the absolute protagonist is Per Kirkeby in an unusually open and frank portrait. Everything – from everyday rehabilitation to emotional insights – is presented in a sober, accurate way.

Director: Anne Regitze Wivel
Original Title: Mand falder
Country: Denmark
Year: 2015
Running time: 111 min
Language: English subtitles
Tags: Dox:Award Dox:Award
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Producer: Sigrid Dyekjær
Production Company: Danish Documentary Production
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