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Helena Třeštíková, 101 min.

Tjekkiet, 2015


Seven years of life lived at the bottom of society in a Czech film about a woman's struggle against heroin and a Kafkaesque bureaucracy.

Mallory is living a hard life. Her wild youth among punks and skinheads in Prague's underground is over, and after several years on both drugs and living on the streets, it is slowly the last chance for the self-conscious Mallory – and nobody is more aware of this than herself. But when the self-destructive lifestyle was, in her own words, a protest against both her parents and the Bolsheviks, it is not easy to replace heroin with a steady job. Especially if you live in a car and are up against a social bureaucracy that seems to come straight out of a Kafka story. The fact , however, that the Czech veteran Helena Třeštíkovás has followed Mallory for 7 years makes the film about her an existential and almost physical experience of the passage of life, and of the good and bad choices that shape it along the way. Not least when it all suddenly takes a dramatic turn, and the possibility to turn back to life appears from a new, unexpected direction.

International Premiere
Director: Helena Třeštíková
Original Title: Mallory
Country: Tjekkiet
Year: 2015
Running time: 101 min
Language: English subtitles
Tags: Dox:Award Dox:Award
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Script: Helena Třeštíková
Camera: Miroslav Souček, Vlastimil Hamerník, Robert Novák, David Cysař, Jiří Chod, Jakub Hejna
Sound: Richard Mueller
Music: Tadeáš Verčák
Producer: Pavel Strnad, Kateřina Černá
Editor: Jakub Hejna
Production Company: Negativ
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