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In Limbo

In Limbo

Antoine Viviani, 85 min.


In Limbo

Big data, big ideas. An original and visually unique charting of the internet's labyrinthine interior – and its soul.

The internet is the memory of mankind. Here, all the world's knowledge is stored in binary codes, and the cerebral lobes of the server park are connected by fibre-optic cables that extend in a network across the entire globe. But does the internet also have anything that would ressemble a soul? The French filmmaker Antoine Viviani brings the thought experiment to life in a visually breathtaking digital essay where an ethereal subject – an electronic ghost – wakes up somewhere in the electronic labyrinth of information and charts a virtual world where digital librarians, Google CEO's and the founding fathers of the Internet themselves are lurking in the cables. 'In Limbo' is a speculative and in every way singular exploration of a place that is often - and wrongly - considered as being without a physical existence. The spirit caught in limbo is embodied by the writer and essayist Nancy Huston. Big data, big ideas.

World Premiere
Director: Antoine Viviani
Original Title: Dans les limbes
Year: 2015
Running time: 85 min
Language: English subtitles
Tags: Dox:Award Dox:Award
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Camera: Antoine Viviani
Animation: Clément Picon
Sound: Raphael Henard / Pierre Bariaud
Casting: Ray Kurzweil - Gordon Bell - C
Producer: Antoine Viviani
Editor: Pierre-Alain Giraud / Lucas Archambault
Production Company: Providences
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