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Bikes vs Cars

Bikes vs Cars

Fredrik Gertten, 91 min.

Sweden, 2015

Bikes vs Cars

The battle for the megacities of the future is taking place on the bike lanes, where a new and green alternative is gaining ground worldwide.

From Sao Paolo to Los Angeles, and from Toronto to our own mini metropolis Copenhagen. The battle for the cities of the future has begun. It is taking place on both two and four wheels, and is about much more than getting from A to B. How our cities look is determined by how we move around in them, and the auto industry's effective lobbying work has meant that the framework surrounding the lives of billions of people is determined by cars. But a new, green countermovement is giving car drivers a run for their money – because the bicycle is both a healthy and sustainable alternative to a future that is about to collapse under the strain of traffic. Fredrik Gertten's 'Bikes vs Cars' is a fun and serious take on a modern activist film, which will not only confront us with the world's problems but also wants to do something about them. From the irritably but loveable taxi driver, who curses the dictatorship of bicycles, to the places on the planet where the battle between bikes and cars is massive on a different scale, and at times downright life-threatening. It is high time to decide which side you're on yourself – and which city you would like to live in.

Director: Fredrik Gertten
Original Title: Bikes vs Cars
Country: Sweden
Year: 2015
Running time: 91 min
Language: English without subtitles
Tags: Top Dox Politics
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Producer: Margarete Jangård, Elin Kamlert
Production Company: WG Film
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