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Above and Below

Above and Below

Nicolas Steiner, 120 min.

Switzerland, Germany, 2015

Above and Below

American outsiders in a magnificent, cinematic trip to a post-apocalyptic USA.

Two astronauts play table tennis in the red desert sand. But what might resemble the first human colony on Mars is in fact a space station in Utah, where a small group has isolated itself in a shared belief in the coming apocalypse. Under Las Vegas, a parallel society has come into existence in the tunnels, and in the Californian wilderness, a lonely man sends signals to God through a drum solo. American outsiders who have created a new world in the ruins of an invisible collapse. The debut director Nicolas Steiner has created a sense-expanding, visual film about people who have turned their backs on society and made themselves comfortable in its dilapidated fringes. Below and above ground, and with the eyes fixed on the stars. America (and the rest of the world) is indeed in a deep crisis, but the pioneering spirit lives on in a post-apocalyptic reality. 'Above and Below' is a magnificent, cinematic trip to a future that is already here. But where it is still the human being that is at the centre of all things.

Director: Nicolas Steiner
Original Title: Above and Below
Country: Switzerland, Germany
Year: 2015
Running time: 120 min
Language: English without subtitles
Tags: Top Dox Hits
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Script: Nicolas Steiner
Camera: Markus Nestroy
Sound: Tobias Koch
Music: Paradox Paradise, Jan Misere, John Gürtler
Casting: Edward 'Lalo the Godfather’ Cardenas, Cynthia ‘Cindy’ Goodwin, Richard ‘Rick’ Ethredge, April Davis, David ‘Dave’ B. Reesey, Joanne Johnson.
Producer: Brigitte Hofer, Cornelia Seitler, Helge Albers
Editor: Kaya Inan
Production Company: Maximage, Flying Moon Filmproduktion
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