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A Good American

A Good American

Friedrich Moser, 100 min.


A Good American

The deeply disturbing journalistic docu-thriller about the system that could have prevented 9/11, but was stopped by lies and corruption at the NSA.

The mass surveillance revealed by the whistleblower Edward Snowden was not the first scandal in the history of the American intelligence agency NSA. Friedrich Moser’s eye-opening 'A Good American' soberly unfolds the deeply disturbing story of how corruption, lies and personal ambitions led to the closure of a cheap and effective monitoring system that demonstrably could have stopped the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The mind behind the ingenious system was former intelligence agent Bill Binney, whom Moser gives the opportunity to tell the whole story of how his brilliant system was abandoned in favour of an expensive, useless intelligence programme that in turn had the advantage of creating hundreds of jobs at the intelligence agency - and handsomely rewarded a number of former NSA employees. 'A Good American' is a chilling docu-thriller of the most dizzying kind. and may well prove to be one of the year's most important films.

World Premiere
Director: Friedrich Moser
Original Title: A Good American
Year: 2015
Running time: 100 min
Tags: Dox:Award Politiken Audience Award Dox:Award
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Script: Friedrich Moser
Camera: Friedrich Moser
Animation: Jamie Balliu
Sound: Michael Schreiber
Music: Christopher Slaski, Guy Farley
Casting: Bill Binney, Ed Loomis, Kirk Wiebe, Diane Roark, Tom Drake, Jesselyn Radack
Producer: Friedrich Moser
Editor: Kirk von Heflin, Jesper Osmund
Production Company: blue+green communication
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