Welcome til CPH:DOX 2015! And welcome to 11 days of documentaries and much more – which we are extremely happy to share with you.

CPH:DOX have always been about engaging in the reality documented in the selected films – and never been afraid of pursuing a different vision for the future.

Our two curators this year share this ambition. We proudly present contemporary artist Olafur Eliasson and the Canadian activist and author Naomi Klein to curate a program exclusively for CPH:DOX. Two programmes, that in their own way address themes that resonates with the entire programme for the year.

With support from KulturMetropolØresund and this year also from Region Sjælland we will once again come to 20 municipalities in Zealand and now also Lolland and Falster. Furthermore with support from Wonderful Copenhagen and Öresundskommittén we will be screening documentaries in Sweden. Read more about the DOX:ON:TOUR programme here.

This year we are yet again happy to have our own DOX:TV crew, who will be in the field, cover events and deliver exclusive interviews with directors and filmmakers. Stay tuned and find inspiration here!

Explore the whole programme below.