An intensive three-day course for students

DOX:ACADEMY is an intensive three-day course that takes place during the documentary film festival CPH:DOX 2015 in November. The scope of DOX:ACADEMY is to create an interdisciplinary and creative platform for students interested in both theoretical and practical aspects of the form and challenges in the discipline of documentary. Comprised in the programme are exclusive Q&A’s with directors, speaks, seminars and of course a lot of screenings.

DOX:ACADEMY offers two separate courses: F:ACT, that lies its focus on modern journalistic documentary and HYBRID, that seeks to examine the crossover between anthropology and art. There is a limited number of places for approximately 30 students for each course, who are all expected to participate and contribute actively to the course.


Student Pass

Participating in DOX:ACADEMY is free, but requires a Student Pass which cost 695 DKK.

The student pass gives you unlimited access to watch all documentaries during CPH:DOX, reminding that the student pass is personal.

To apply for the courses, send a motivational letter to: Deadline for applications is October 23.