Art, Technology & Change

CPH:CONFERENCE – Art, Technology & Change connected creatives from the worlds of film, media, art, design, technology and communication to explore the current state of art and creative businesses in a digitally networked society.

CPH:CONFERENCE explored how art and creativity in correlation with new technology can catalyse innovation and change. We saw artists and creative actors as valuable players in the development of society, and the ambition was to look at the potential for change that occurs when new technologies are being used on artistic and creative terms. The desire was to put art, creativity and technology on the agenda as catalysing powers in society.


  • How art and technology can unlock innovation and catalyse change.
  • The challenges artistic and creative industries are facing due to new technologies.
  • Pioneers who dare to challenge status quo with visionary ideas about a new future.

The conference consisted of sharp keynotes as well as national and international cases. Working with a mix of presentation formats, we aimed for a vibrant atmosphere throughout the day.

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