Kossakovsky wins 15.000 EURO at CPH:DOX for next project

Picture from Aquarela

CPH:DOX’s pitching event CPH:FORUM has collaborated with European Cinema Support Fund, EURIMAGES, to launch a new co-production development award. The winner was announced today: Victor Kossakovsky’s project “Aquarela” won 15.000 EURO

New this year, CPH:FORUM and EURIMAGES are very proud to introduce this year’s pitch award. The EURIMAGES’ Co-production Development Award of 15.000 EURO for the best pitch during CPH:FORUM.

Victor Kossakovsky won for his project “Aquarela”, meaning watercolour. The director draws on the centrality of water and colour to human life – and imagination. Kossakovsky tells about the film:

“I will be filming water. Filming under water. Filming through water. With water as my guide, I will tenderly and with reverence seek to reveal the very essence of water”.

The project has been chosen by a jury consisting of three experienced industry professionals: Petri Kemppinen, CEO Nordisk Film & TV Fond (Jury Chairman); Vanja Kaludjercic, programmer Sarajevo Film Festival, Head of Paris Project; and Martin Schweighofer, CEO Austrian Film Commission. The jury has chosen “Aquarela” for the following reasons:

“The journey, this director is taking us on, seems as a promise of a powerful yet enigmatic, and a challenging cinematic experience. A true exploration of uncharted territories.”

Victor Kossakovsky first received international attention in 1994 with his film “Belovy” which won him many awards at major international film festivals. His last film “Vivan Las Antipodas!” premiered at Venice Film Festival; it was nominated for an European Academy Award, and has been shown at more than 80 international festivals.

The award will be given to producer Aimara Reques, Aconite Productions, during a dinner at the Danish amusement park Tivoli, Thursday, November 14th at 7.30 PM CET.

EURIMAGES is a support fund for the co-production, distribution and exhibition of European cinematographic works, established by the Council of Europe in 1988. Since then, EURIMAGES has supported 1488 European co-productions for a total amount of approximately 451 million EUROS.

Rules and eligibility criteria: Project must be of minimum 70’ length and intended for cinema release. Projects must be conceived for co-production, from an early development stage, as distinct from simple co-financing and therefore must have the intention to involve at least two EURIMAGES’ Member Countries. Third countries can also be involved in the project. The jury evaluates: artistic quality as well as the project’s likelihood to become and remain a co-production involving at least two EURIMAGES’ Member Countries.

CPH:FORUM is CPH:DOX's international financing and co-production event, dedicated to supporting creative, visual and auteur driven films. CPH:FORUM was the first pitching venue for many great projects such as “Searching for Sugarman”, “Armadilo” and “The Act of Killing”. CPH:FORUM is an international financing event during CPH:DOX, which facilitates the development and financing of creative and visually strong film projects. This year’s pitch session is Wednesday and Thursday, November 13-14.

For further information on the EURIMAGES Award, please contact Nathalie Monteillet, EURIMAGES / Public Relations and Promotion, and Tine Fischer, CPH:DOX / Festival Director at tine.f@cphdox.dk