70,100 admissions makes CPH:DOX 2013 an unprecedented success

Every year since 2003, CPH:DOX has broken its own record in terms of admissions. But never before has the festival experienced such growth as in 2013. With 70,100 admissions in comparison to 51,800 in 2012, CPH:DOX is now among the largest documentary film festivals in the world.

With an all-time high of 70,100 admissions, this year's CPH:DOX attendance record is a 35 percent increase over last year. Admissions have grown constantly since the festival's first year in 2003 but this year's growth is the most significant in the history of the festival, securing its place as one of the largest documentary film festivals in the world. 

“An increase of almost 20,000 admissions goes beyond our wildest expectations and it testifies to the admirable curiosity of our audiences to rediscover contemporary cinema beyond traditional concepts of documentary. We are delighted that filmmakers such as Ai Weiwei, Antoine d’Agata and the Riahi Brothers have trusted us with the World Premieres of their films, and we are very happy that we have been able to give them overwhelming audience engagement in return” says festival director Tine Fischer.

As in previous years, the rising number of admissions indicates more guests per film, and the cinemas report a dramatic, overall increase in attendance and sold out screenings on a large scale. The increase in admissions is outlined in the explosive growth of the festival per year since 2003.

Admissions at CPH:DOX since 2003

2013: 70,100
2012: 51,800
2011: 47,300
2010: 45,400
2009: 37,738
2008: 33,093
2007: 25,867
2006: 24,100
2005: 20,178
2004: 16,500
2003: 11,706

Top 10 most popular films at CPH:DOX 2013:
1. The Reunion (dir. Anna Odell)
2. Days of Hope (dir. Ditte Haarløv Johnsen)
3. Mistaken for Strangers (dir. Tom Berninger)
4. Generation Iron (dir. Vlad Yudin)
5. Pandora's Promise (dir. Robert Stone)
6. Mademoiselle C (dir. Fabien Constant)
7. The Armstrong Lie (dir. Alex Gibney)
8. 12 O' Clock Boys (dir. Nathan Lotfy)
9. Narco Cultura (dir. Shaul Schwarz)
10. Everyday Rebellion (dir. The Riahi Brothers)

CPH:DOX attracts industry professionals and media worldwide
CPH:DOX is not only a massive success in terms of audiences, but also with its unique programme profile, and its strong curatorial selection in the parallel industry platforms, CPH:FORUM, SWIM and DOX:LAB, the festival attracts and connects professionals from all backgrounds.

CPH:DOX has caught worldwide attention, with the number of international press covering CPH:DOX doubling in 2013. This year also saw a major increase in the number of attending industry professional.  The line up of CPH:FORUM was the most impressive ever, attracting highly anticipated new projects from big names like The Yes Men, Naomi Klein, Grant Gee and not least Victor Kossakovsky who was awarded the 15,000 € Eurimages Pitch Prize, handed out this year in Copenhagen for the first time ever at a documentary film festival.

New initiatives expand the scope of the festival
Besides the enormous increase in admissions, CPH:DOX can celebrate the launch of a line of exciting new initiatives. SWIM - Scandinavian World of Innovative Media - is a new industry platform for transmedia projects, in collaboration with partners in Sweden with an ambition to make the region a leader in the development of transmedia.
For the first time, SWIM and CPH:DOX hosted an international conference - ‘The World 2.0 - Do It Together’ - held at the National Gallery over two days during the festival. The conference brought together high profile creatives, talkers, artists, tech people and other experts to build new bridges between disciplines.

At the same time the festival continued to expand existing initiatives. UNG:DOX, the festival’s educational branch, drew thousands of high school students to screenings followed by debates. Five films from this year’s selection were made available on a limited basis at the VOD site Doc Alliance Films - a site lead by CPH:DOX in collaboration with six other, European festivals to promote artistically ambitious filmmaking, and which had a breakthrough with around 4,500 streamings in two days.

CPH:DOX would like to thank everyone who attended this year’s festival and those who helped make it possible. We are looking forward to see you again in 2014.