Are you passionate about film and documentaries and do you have an interests in using your network to spread the art of documentary? You can still become a film ambassador for CPH:DOX 2015 by adopting a film!

How do you sign up?

Everyone can sign up and it is completely free.

As a film ambassador you will adopt one film from the program that you will help to succeed. You get to choose from the entire program which film you wish to support. You can read about the program here  

Apply for the film ambassador post by sending a mai to l with your name, phone number and 3-5 film you wish to adopt.

Deadline is 28th October.

What do you get in return?

*You will get a ticket so you can be able to watch your film during the festival

*You will be invited to a secret and exclusive film screening before the festival

*You will be invited to three selected film screenings during the festival – for free

What is it and why are we doing it?

We watch and consider thousands of films every year in order to find and select the films that we think deserve to make it into the cinema. And we believe in every one of them. However, every year, there are some films that are in danger of slipping beneath the radar – and often these are the films we are most passionate about. Therefore, we need you film ambassadors to give some of our films a helping hand, in order for them to reach their audience.